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Professional Electrical Wiring Services

At Positive Vibes Electrical, we provide professional electrical wiring and re-wiring services for residential and commercial properties across Sydney. Whether you're building a new home, renovating an existing property, or need to upgrade your electrical system, our team of experienced electricians can help.

Our 5-star rated electricians perform a wide range of electrical wiring services, including new wiring installations, rewiring old properties, and upgrading electrical systems to meet current safety standards. We use high-quality materials and the latest industry techniques to ensure your electrical wiring is safe, reliable, and compliant with Australian Standards.

Note: If your property has outdated or faulty wiring, it can pose a significant safety risk and increase the likelihood of electrical hazards. Our electricians can inspect your wiring, identify any issues, and provide a safe and effective solution to ensure your property is safe and compliant.

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At Positive Vibes Electrical, we've built our business on honesty, integrity, and transparency. Choosing our electricians for your wiring and re-wiring means you can have confidence knowing you're working with a team of skilled professionals who prioritise your satisfaction above all else.

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Our Electrical Wiring Services

A new residential electrical wiring installation

New Electrical Wiring Installations

Our electricians can install new electrical wiring for residential and commercial properties. Whether you're building a new home, office, or retail space, we can design and install a custom wiring system to meet your specific requirements.

Electrical rewiring for an old residential property

Electrical Rewiring for Old Properties

If your property has outdated or faulty wiring, our electricians can perform a complete rewiring to ensure your electrical system is safe and compliant. We'll replace old wiring with new, high-quality materials to protect your property from electrical hazards.

Electrical wiring for an electrical system upgrade

Electrical System Upgrades

Our electricians can upgrade your electrical system to meet current safety standards and improve energy efficiency. We'll assess your existing wiring, identify any issues, and recommend the best solution for your electrical system.

Electrical wiring for a home renovation project

Wiring for Home Renovations

If you're renovating your home, our electricians can provide custom wiring solutions to meet your specific needs. We'll work with you to design and install a wiring system that complements your renovation project.

Concept for electrical wiring for new power points and lighting fixtures

Additional Power Points & Lighting

Our electricians can install additional power points and lighting fixtures to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your property. Whether you need extra power points in your kitchen or outdoor lighting for your garden, we can help.

Electrical wiring for a home office setup

Home Office & Data Networks

If you're setting up a home office or need to upgrade your data network, our electricians can install custom wiring solutions to meet your requirements. We'll ensure your home office or data network is equipped with all the necessary wiring.

Our Wiring Services FAQ's

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If you observe any of these signs, it becomes crucial to address them immediately to avoid possible dangers such as electrical fires or electrocution. Rewiring may be necessary to ensure electrical systems’ safety and proper functioning.

  • Frequent tripping of circuit breakers
  • Flickering or dimming of lights
  • A burning smell or sparking from outlets
  • Outdated electrical panels or wiring
  • Inconsistent power supply
  • Electrical shocks or tingling sensations
  • Dated or flaking rubber
  • Fabric or lead-insulated cabling
  • Cracking and peeling insulation on the cables.

Upgrading your electrical wiring can provide several benefits, including:

  • Improved safety and reduced risk of electrical hazards
  • Enhanced energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills
  • Compliance with current safety standards and regulations
  • Increased property value and marketability
  • Reliable electrical system performance
  • Customised wiring solutions to meet your specific needs

Faulty electrical wiring can pose serious safety risks and hazards, including:

  • Electrical fires
  • Electrocution
  • Power surges and outages
  • Damage to electrical appliances and devices
  • Increased electricity bills
  • Non-compliance with safety standards and regulations

In most cases, you can continue to live in your home during the rewiring process. However, there may be temporary disruptions to your power supply, and certain areas of your home may be inaccessible while work is being carried out. We will work with you to minimise any inconvenience.

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"Fantastic, prompt and professional service. Drew was able to assist with an urgent problem in a timely manner and expertly assessed the situation and solved the issue."

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