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Whether you need electrics installed, a repair taken care of, or you want to upgrade your current setup, Positive Vibes Electrical are your trusted professionals for the job. Whether you’re looking for electrical services in North Sydney, the Northern Beaches or in Inner West, we’ve got you covered. Boasting the best residential and commercial electrical services in Sydney, we can help you with your electrical problem. Our electrical services in Sydney include but are not limited to:

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A huge part of Positive Vibes Electrical’s work has been residential, and therefore they have been able to create 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to their projects, problems, and renovating dreams!

Whether you have No Power, No lights, A Beeping Smoke Alarm, or any dangerous electrical situation exists, Positive Vibes Electrical will work as quickly and neatly as possible to minimise any damage, danger and further inconvenience. The single most important thing is that your problem is resolved quickly and on our visit as nothing is worse than a reoccurring issue.

Electrical fault finding can be extremely difficult, dangerous and frustrating if you do not have a good understanding on how electricity and electrical circuitry works. Often in any electrical installation there are many contributing factors that can cause issues to arise and power to function abnormally.

Rewiring a home can be a major job. But because of the safety hazards of damaged or deteriorated wiring, it may be essential. So how do you know when rewiring is necessary? There are no hard and fast rules. Simply because wiring is old, does not mean it is unsafe. Wear and tear can vary depending on installation, quality of cable and loading on circuit.

At Positive Vibes Electrical we specialize in all your domestic and commercial needs. This includes your electrical switchboard. Your switchboard is the central hub of your home’s electrical wiring. It’s responsible for directing electricity from the main supply to various circuits and protecting these circuits all around your home. It is generally located either inside your home, near your front door or inside your meter box on the exterior of your home.

At Positive Vibes Electrical we are very experienced in repairing and restoring hot water service in your home. Whether your hot water heater is leaking, making noises, is slow to recover, has no hot water at all or is showing signs of rust, we can help you.

With such a wide variety of power points and switches available, it’s always a good idea to consult with a licensed electrical installer to help you choose the best option for your home and lifestyle.

Have you just moved into a new house? Redecorating or moving furniture around? Chances are that your T.V or phones main base unit also has a new home as well. This could mean that the existing outlets are now in the wrong place. Its never a good look having wires across the ground! If you need to move a T.V point or a phone outlet in your home, Drew and his team at Positive Vibes Electrical has you covered.

 Ovens, Stoves and Hot Plates have a lot of intricate systems involved with them to ensure they operate properly and safely. It is never advised that an unqualified person attempts to repair your appliance without the popper tools and understanding on how these appliances work.

Choose trusted emergency electrical services, Sydney

Whether it’s a rapidly-unfolding emergency, a recurrent issue with old electrics or the challenge of installing a new TV or internet setup, you might be tempted to tackle the job yourself. However, this can often be a tricky and dangerous task better left to a professional.

There are a number of reasons why you’re better off going with a professional electrician like our experienced team at Positive Vibes Electrical for your electrical job, including: 

  • Ageing and unpredictable wiring can pose a risk of electrocution and other injuries — With older residential and commercial properties, wiring may be old and convoluted but not dangerous. Only a professional can tell the difference and navigate older wiring systems safely.
  • The risk of further property damage that will leave you exposed to insurance costs and other expenses — With Positive Vibes Electrical, we can manage the problem at hand or new installation without damaging walls, other fuses or countless other factors in a new or existing build.
  • Quicker installation with experienced professionals — No trial and error required when the professionals are at work! Whether you’re upgrading your office hardware or installing an internet connection in your new home, our experience will help you find the best solution as quickly as possible.
  • Peace of mind that the job is well done — We are a member of the Housing Industries Association, so you’ll always be assured of the quality and professionalism of our work.
  • Having the correct equipment at the ready for any situation — Our team is fully equipped with the proper tools to diagnose and solve your electrical woes. Don’t rely on guesswork or use improper and potentially unsafe tools when you can call in the professionals.
  • Confidence that the situation is resolved for good — Emergency situations may be a symptom of a larger problem. Professional electricians can quickly diagnose the extent of the issue, saving you time and money in the long run.

The team at Positive Vibes Electrical have plenty of experience with electrical setups of all ages, and we’ll be able to quickly solve your problem or handle your installation. Whether it’s a major rewiring job as part of a home renovation, a new fit-out for a retail or commercial space, or simply finding the weak spot in a fuse that keeps blowing, we’re here to help.

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If you live in Sydney and need an electrician you can trust, and you need them quickly, Positive Vibes Electrical will be there. We pride ourselves on great customer service and a commitment to excellence. From your first contact with us to well beyond installation, you’ll be impressed with our residential and commercial electrical services in Sydney

Get in touch with us and book your required electrical service today. No matter how big or small the task at hand, our friendly team will make sure you’re delighted with the final result.

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