TV Point & Phone Line Installation in Sydney

Have you just moved into a new house? Redecorating or moving furniture around? Chances are that your T.V or phones main base unit also has a new home as well. This could mean that the existing outlets are now in the wrong place. Its never a good look having wires across the ground! If you need to move a T.V point or a phone outlet in your home, Drew and his team at Positive Vibes Electrical has you covered.

Not only can we move existing services within your home, we can also install new outlets where there were none before. Do you have poor wireless internet signal strength in parts of your home? Is the modem installed n the other end of the house? If so, this can mean slow and annoying internet speeds. Positive Vibes Electrical has a solution for you! Drew and his team can also install data outlets throughout your home to connect computers and laptops directly to the modem. When you do this, you receive maximum internet speeds no matter how far away from the modem you may be.

If you need old T.V, Phone or Data points moved, or would like new outlets installed in your home or office. Call Drew at Positive Vibes Electrical Services for an obligation free estimate. 0401 265 809

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