Electrical Power Points & Light Switches Repairs in Sydney

With such a wide variety of power points and switches available, it’s always a good idea to consult with a licensed electrical installer to help you choose the best option for your home and lifestyle.

Positive Vibes Electrical Services can provide that assistance at your home. With over 15 years experience, and mobile all over Sydney, they are always accessible to help you decide the best and safest power point or light switch options for your home. Weather during construction, renovation or any other time you need, Positive Vibes has the experience and know how to have your place looking great.

Replacing the light switches and power points in your home or living space can make a huge difference. Light switches and power points can crack and discolour with age causing them to become dangerous to use and look tacky and aged. Installing new items can make a room look modern and new. It’s highly recommended to replace light switches and power points in rooms you intend to paint or have recently painted.

Power Points, or and Light Switches usually require a “Hard wire” installation or are required to be completed by a qualified electrician. Power points come in a number of styles, designs and configurations to suit a wide variety of applications.

Single, double, triple or even quad configurations are readily available, some are provided with usb outlets for charging digital devices, some with a supplementary switch to control a light or fan or some may even have a pilot light to show when the power point is on and live.

Other variations of indoor power points include wifi remote features, particularly useful where electrical power can be remotely controlled for standby devices or other purposes, some with timers to operate within certain time intervals, even floor mounted or bench top mounted models that remain concealed until needed.

As our Aussie lifestyle often embraces outdoor living areas such as BBQ areas and swimming pools, our need for power points and switches that are resistant to adverse weather conditions and splashing water is very important. For this reason, a number of weatherproof power points and switches are also available to enhance a relaxed outdoor lifestyle. Weatherproof options are also available for electric gates, gas hot water systems, external light switches and air conditioning isolation.

If you have an old cracking, faded or tacky looking light switches or power points in your home or office, call Drew at Positive Vibes Electrical Services for an obligation free estimate. Phone: 0401 265 809

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