24/7 Emergency Electricians in Sydney

We’ve been helping clients in all Sydney regions, from the Inner West to the CBD, the North Shore and to the Northern Beaches – for over 15 years.

We will always get to the cause of your issue, as every situation requires precision testing and delicate handling. Whether you have No Power, No lights, A Beeping Smoke Alarm, or any dangerous electrical situation exists, Positive Vibes Electrical will work as quickly and neatly as possible to minimise any damage, danger and further inconvenience. The single most important thing is that your problem is resolved quickly and on our visit as nothing is worse than a reoccurring issue. We deliver ultimate risk reduction so there will be a minimal risk of failure, electrocution, or fires in the future.

24 hr Emergency Electrician
A lot of our clients contact us for electrical emergencies as we operate as a 24-hr electrician. There is never a good time for an electrical emergency but rest assured that Positive Vibes Electrical is there to help around the clock.
Positive Vibes Electrical works proactively to prevent electrical dangers and costly damages. Although it is inevitable that electrical mishaps will occur, from our professional experience, we strongly believe that the best approach is to have preventative measures in place to stop these from happening. Whether it’s an emergency electrical repair or an electrical safety inspection, you can count on the Positive Vibes Electrical to do the job efficiently.

What Can Emergency Electricians Fix?
The Positive Vibes Electrical team works all over the Sydney region. We’ve seen it all, from residential, to commercial building electrical emergencies. These include both common and everyday faults, to unusual and difficult to find faults. Often impossible to find without a strong understanding on electrical systems, Drew hasn’t failed to find a fault in his 15 years in the trade. Typical faults usually consist of power failures and electrical hazards.

Common failures and hazards include:

  • Blown fuses and consumer main faults
  • Overloaded power points and other fixtures
  • Tripped circuit breakers and trip switches
  • Corroded, exposed, gnawed, loosened, damaged or fried wires
  • Power surges due to lightning strikes, storms and faulty wiring
  • Hot water repairs and installations, both the plumbing and electrical work
  • Earth leakage and earthing faults
  • Smoke alarm, phone line faults, light switches or power points

Drew and his team are an emergency electrician who is just a phone call away. Positive Vibes Electrical is also an on-call weekend electrician as well as a 24-hr commercial and residential electrician. We can successfully complete any and every electrical repair job you can think of. Call Positive Vibes Electrical on 0401 265 809 if you require immediate electrical service. All you need to provide us over the phone is your Name, A contact number, Street address and a description of your fault and we will give you an estimated time of arrival to help with your issues. An electrician will be immediately dispatched to your location with the latest testing equipment and materials to sort you out.

Call Drew now: 0401 265 809

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