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REWIRING: Rewiring a home can be a major job. But because of the safety hazards of damaged or deteriorated wiring, it may be essential. So how do you know when rewiring is necessary? There are no hard and fast rules. Simply because wiring is old, does not mean it is unsafe. Wear and tear can vary depending on installation, quality of cable and loading on circuit. It is recommended that a periodic inspection is carried out by a qualified electrician at least every 10 years for an owner-occupied dwelling and five years for a rental property or at the change of tenancy.

Positive Vibes Electrical will provide you with a detailed report informing you if your home needs rewiring and what can be achieved within your budget.

If a property is more than 40 years old and has the original wiring, it is likely to need updating, at least in part, to meet modern standards, including replacing the main switchboard with a modern unit designed to protect the wiring and those who live there. Simple signs that a rewire is necessary are dated or flaking rubber, fabric or lead-insulated cabling, metal conduits in the roof space and under floor areas or cracking and peeling insulation on the cables. Modern wiring is PVC coated, coloured white, and has its own earth conductor internally.

Old and faulty wiring can cause the entire electrical system to trip frequently or blow fuses or, at worst, spark a potentially lethal house fire or electrical shock.

Positive Vibes Electrical can tell you what work is required to bring it up to current standards with estimates of the cost which you can easily understand. Even modern homes can have problems, for example shoddy DIY electrical work or work completed by bad tradesmen.

Rewiring is an opportunity to not only improve safety but also modern convenience – to add more switches and plugs for kitchen appliances, home computers and televisions. If you are selling an older property, a recent rewire can boost its appeal to buyers.

WIRING: Are you thinking of renovating an existing house? Installing a new air conditioner, oven or cooktop? Possibly a kitchen or bathroom renovation? If so, you are probably going to need a new circuit or two to handle the extra power points and lights or the load of a new, more powerful appliance. Positive Vibes Electrical has all the gear needed to provide you with whatever your latest project is and is an expert in wring and loading on existing installations.

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account when installing extra electrical circuits and appliances into an existing home installation. Because there are often existing mains, circuits and a switchboard already installed the house, a detailed inspection will need to be completed before any extra load can be added. It is a common misunderstanding that you can simply keep adding extras on to the old wiring or existing switchboard without risk. This is not the case. Overloading an old switchboard, mains or wring can cause extremely dangerous situations for those who reside there and can too often become fatal. House fires, shocks and fluctuating power surges all pose extreme safety concerns and should not be overlooked when deciding on alterations to your home.

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